This is capital city in Italy,  Roma!  And this is also an optimism person's capital.

It does not care by a car old and full of cracks.
For what purpose is the bumper of the car attached? It is attached in order to make a parking space.
I could not found serious problem here. If they are been scrupulous or nervous, threr are nothing love, music and delicious foods.  that's all!  other things is not care. no problem!
I was impressed by this simple view! It is wonderful. It is man-like!



アハハハッ 本当にどうでも良くなってきた。

バンパーは当てるもの。ボディーがボロボロでも走ればそれでオッケ〜!何か問題ある?高級車の上のボンネットは、お日様ぽかぽか 暖かいニャ〜。




People will become a smiling face if peploe eat a delicious food.
This is common to everybody in all over the world. Especially your country food which your mother cooked. it is right?  Yes~! Because it is included mother's love.
A smiling face makes a fortunate feeling the laughing person and the around them.
The dish was filled with love is an important ingredient for smiling face.
All  mother -- !.
Please make the dish with love for your child.
The dish makes a happy for children and surely makes the world peaceful.

Italians' chat which I actually heard in the Alitalia Airline as following.
It take about 13 hours from Kansai Airpor to Roma by Air. it was so long time.
Usually we spend a time --sleep, watch movie, eat meal, reading book......

But then, two Italian men who sat on the seat behind me, they went on talking about food for 13 hours.
A tomato differs in Japan!
Italy of a garlic is nice.  I want to eat manma's pasta.
cheese is too expensive in Japan.
we must be eat pizza only in Roma. don't eat Pizza another place.......

They met for the first time in airplane. They were not also a friend.

But they were talking about italian food like a friend from a child's time.
They were continuing talking very joyfully. And their voice was loud.
At first, I got angry at their noisy chat.

But they seem to be pleasant  and come out fortunately very much.
It was becoming pleasant to me gradually. 
I have laughed.
It was impossible for me to put up with laughter.
It is too fun. This airplain will be arrival Rome soon.
It was amazing! They went on talking for 13 hours.
And people sitting on the surroundings were also laughing. Great laughter.
Two italians said [Welcome to capital Rome of delicious food! ]! with smile.



バールに入れば、美味しそうなコーヒーの香りに、そのままパクつきたくなるパニーニが山積み。おやおやオリーブつまんで白ワインに舌鼓のおっちゃん。チョココルネを頬張りながら、砂糖どんだけ〜!入れた!?というカプチーノをゆっくり飲むおじいちゃん。甘〜い あまあま(汗)


同郷の2人は、すぐに仲良くなり、おしゃべりが始まった。まずは、イタリア料理マンマの料理を食べたいと食の話から始まった。そしてローマに着くまで13時間ず〜と食い物の話を喋り続けた。そのパワーたるや!(そのパワーを他に有効に使え!!)。機内食を食べる時も映画が始まってからも、周りは眠りに入った時も・・・「あれは旨かった」、「トマトが日本は違う!」「ニンニクもイタリアの方が旨い」「チーズは日本は高すぎる」「われら本物のパルメジャーノレッジャーノを日本人に食べさせたい」「ピッツァはイタリア以外では食べない」・・・等など。イタリア人達のイタリア料理に対する強い思いを同郷の友とともにいつもカンタ〜レ(歌って)いるからか、腹式呼吸で必死こいて喋っているので、声デカイ!クルーはイタリア人だから「バベーネ!(ええやん!ええやん)」と笑って注意をすることもない。「あ~、もうすぐマンマの料理が食べられる~ 幸せ~」と、まあ大きな声。
最初は「うるさい(怒)」と思っていた私だが、ローマフィウミチーノ空港到着の機内アナウンスが入った頃、まだ、食い物の話を続けている後ろの彼らに(あきれる)を超えて (感心)し、笑いが込み上げ、笑い声を押さえるのに必死(汗)。




Carnival in Venice

Are you enjoy your life?



Enjoy today!  carnival day!

Your Today, It never comes again. Make beautiful day!

Don't spend time with angry! it is too Mottainai!

Your laughter is transmitted to the surroundings. to your country and more. Let's make beautiful star★our earth.